Certified accountant - tax consultant BIBF: 70202536

Guidelines and planning


  • Please present your quarterly purchases and sales invoices in due time. You will be notified by mail or fax when they are due. If we do not have the documents in time, we cannot guarantee timely processing of VAT returns.
  • Please provide us with all bank statements, cash receipts & Visa/MasterCard statements.
  • Please send us all tax statements.
  • If you have paid VAT advances please clearly state this.
  • Please sort the purchase and sale invoices to allow for easier processing (preferably in a ring binder).



  • If you make a monthly declaration please submit your documents at the beginning of each month
  • If you make quarterly declaration please submit your documents 4 times per year to:
  1. Early January
  2. Early April
  3. Early July
  4. Early October


Proxy deadline October 31
From the moment you have received all documents / records from the relevant year, you may submit them. The declaration and accompanying documents must be deposited with us on June 30, xxxx at the latest. As we work via tax-on-web, we need a prior authorization to sign submissions.


From the moment you receive the corporate tax return, please include it the next time you need to deliver documents to us. From the moment the year-end balance is finished and the accounts are prepared, we submit the corporate tax return for audit via VENSOC.


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